Where You Go, I’ll Go!


I remember falling in love with these words “Where you go, I’ll go;” the commitment, the strength, the permanence.  I was only 7 when I first heard them at a wedding.  And it made me long for the day when I could say that to the man I loved.  It wasn’t until my teen years that I discovered they were said from Ruth to Naomi!  And that started me on a journey of discovering the depth of friendship among women.


I grew up in a Christian home that was intertwined with abuse.  So the only type of relationship with women that I understood was with my mom and sister.  And to say that we were dysfunctional and co-dependent is an understatement.  In fact we could see it, and name it, and even make fun of it.  I remember giving my mom a magnet for the refrigerator that said “Let’s put the FUN back in dysFUNctional.”   We were all stuck in our patterns of people pleasing and control and we had years of knowing it, but didn’t know how to get out of it.


Finding healthy places in our relationships became a life-time journey.  I have many friends that share their own struggles to find health in their relationships with women.  As women we can make the road to our true-selves treacherous, dangerous, and even filled with betrayal.  Or we can make that road a place of safety, vulnerability, giving AND receiving, and depth.  It is a battle that Satan wins too often, and it is a battle that I have made my WAR!


I want to be a woman that listens well, speaks the truth in love, and encourages another to walk in holiness – not just happiness.  My dream is to see women in transforming relationships!  And that means that I want to influence others for Christ but I must also be willing to be influenced.  I want to aid in that transformation, but I must acknowledge that I too need transformation.


Amy Grant and Nicole Nordeman have recorded a beautiful song that speaks to every woman’s heart.  “I’m with you” is the heart of Ruth and Naomi.  As you meditate on the questions below enjoy their music video.


What has it been like to be a girlfriend?  Is there a woman who has helped transform you?  What does it mean to you to say; “Where you go, I’ll go”?


I hope that you will join us on this blogging journey.  Follow, share, link, forward, and even write your own article for submission.  Share with us stories of your transformation as a woman!

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