What are your limitations?


Women Ministries!  There is a very good reason that our logo reads Women Ministries and not Women’s Ministry.


Women’s Ministry implies that it is ministry to women.  However, Women Ministries implies all ministries that women are engaged, equipped and skilled to partake in.  And by partake we mean that we minister to, but also receive ministry.  It is all encompassing.


Often at our churches it is assumed that Women Ministries is segregated to ministry to women, and though this may be our intent and focus at times it is not our limitation.


Take for example the initiative by our Denominational Women Ministries to engage in human trafficking through the efforts of “Break the Chains.”  Our focus, our attention, our funding, our acts of service have compelled our entire denomination to rise to the occasion of fighting to free the modern slaves of our culture and the world.


How do you view the Women Ministries at your church?  Do you perceive that it is only from women to women?  Or do you see how the ministry work you do effects your entire congregation?  Have you ever led your entire church to partake of women ministries?


Share your story below in the comment section.  We’d love to hear of your experiences in Women Ministries!

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