Summer. I like summertime! I enjoy so many things about summer from grilling to picnics, more family time, to watching plants and flowers grow. (I’m one of those crazy people who would rather be warm/hot than cold.)
It is a time many of us take vacations, maybe a week, a couple of days or just a day trip or two to the Zoo, museum or Water park.
One sad thing about summertime is many of our plans exclude worshiping with our church family. Yes, we can worship God where ever we are. God’s creation is beautiful and to me sitting at a lake or in the mountains is a great place to view the master artist God is.
But let’s look at what worshiping with your church family is. It is a time of praising God in songs, listening to a pastor share from God’s Word, It also includes fellowship. That time that often we share what is on our minds and hearts. I have often come home from church with prayer requests I have learned about as I visit with people before and after worship.
As we each make our summertime plans, let’s not forget to include worshiping with our church family.


Current President of Midwest Conference Women Ministries Board Top things that take up my time: God, family, students and friends. A great day for me is time to play my guitar and learn a new song. I have a number of favorite artists - depends on my day and my mood.

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December 08, 2015


  1. Eileen Maelzer : June 11, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    As we get our women together this Saturday at LifeSpring to do an outreach and to train our women to go to the website for Women Ministries,this blog about summertime planning struk me that the time I spend even getting a small group of women together monthly to do paper crafts at church is worship (fellowship). I love these friends and try not to be discouraged when the group is small.

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