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Women Ministries Annual Gathering       LINKED
April 25 & 26, 2012 at Hillcrest Covenant Church, Prairie Village, KS

Thursday evening – 7:00  p.m.
                     Service Projects: Dresses for Congo and Writing Encouragements

Dresses for Congo: Sewing dress sizes 3-12
Supplies Needed
1. Fabric or pillow cases- pillow cases should be in a darker color or print. A standard pillow case is a size 6 dress. King size pillow cases can also be used. Make sure the width is at least 21 inches (42 inches both sides) Fabric – With 1 yard of fabric, dresses from size 3-8 can be made. Fabric is fun because it comes in so many designs. 1 1/2 yards are needed for sizes 9-12. We have been informed that bright colors are favored in the Congo.
2. sharp scissors and /or rotary cutter
3. EXTRA WIDE double fold bias tape- 1 package per dress. These will be used as straps for the dresses. People have also made their own straps out of fabric. These straps need to be sturdy in order to hold up under the living conditions of the girls-washing them in a lake, washtub etc.
4. coordinating ribbon and thread- ribbon can be use as an embellishment to the dresses, but are not sturdy enough for straps
5. Elastic- 1/4 inch for dresses 3-8 1/2 inch for dresses 9-12
6. straight pins
It would be helpful if a couple of ladies would bring their sewing machines
We could also use 2 or 3 ironing boards and irons.
All dresses will be taken to Congo by a Hillcrest staff person in May. We hope to post photos this summer of dresses being given to girls in Congo.

Writing Encouragements: Writing to SIMs, Shut ins, friends, family, etc.
All writing supplies needed will be provided.
Bring addresses of those you would like to encourage.

Friday –
8:00 a.m.       Registration
8:30 a.m.        Devotion & Coffee
9:00 a.m.        The Next Link – ways we have been, can be & should be “Linked” to others and the
                            Evangelical Covenant – Deb Bonsall, President Women Ministries Midwest Conference Board
10:00 a.m.      Rejoice in Ministries -praise, worship, sharing & business meeting
11:00 a.m.       Lunch

Attend Breakout Sessions hosted/sponsored by the Midwest Conference
 Breakout Sessions topics may be viewed on the registration form.

For a Registration form go to:


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