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I’m about to take on another identity.  My driver’s license, passport, business cards, etc. will be changing.  I’m getting married, and one of the thoughts running through my head (in the middle of groomsmen tuxes, wedding cakes and invitations – currently and respectively), is that part of my identity will be morphing soon.  As I’ve thought through this monumental shift that’s happening , I found an odd longing.  I found myself wanting to go to Triennial.


Triennial.  Yes, the women’s gathering for the Evangelical Covenant Church held every three years.  Strange, isn’t it?  But one of the things that I was amazed at when I went three years ago is that none of the plenary speakers spoke to us ladies as mothers, wives, even women.  Each one addressed us as Christ-believers and Christ-followers.  Rather than speak to our roles or definitions, each spoke to only our true identity – that of a woman desperately desiring to know and follow Jesus more.  I was so refreshed to not be blasted with who I “should” be.  As a result, the freedom felt in that room was euphoric.  The last morning, we women reveled in our God-given identity as His Child,  and danced and laughed and leaped and shouted.  Women from 20 to 85 came together to recognize that God is doing a powerful work – in us, for us, and through us.  Women were able to throw off any label, inhibition, and expectation, to simply worship God.


As I start to take on another “label” or “hat”, I find myself aching to be reminded of who I intrinsically am – God’s child.  To throw off everything that tangles me and holds me down, and run to a God that loves me.  I’m choosing to go to Triennial – not looking for a mountaintop experience, but rather, to have some uninhibited time to spend with my Savior.  I want to hear what He’s saying to me.  I’d love for you to join me – so we as women of the Covenant can press forward in whatever way God leads.


Current President of Midwest Conference Women Ministries Board Top things that take up my time: God, family, students and friends. A great day for me is time to play my guitar and learn a new song. I have a number of favorite artists - depends on my day and my mood.

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