Where did the Summer go?

Where did the Summer go?

Many of us are wondering “Where did the Summer go?” I know the leaves are starting to give us some gorgeous colors to enjoy and the nights are cooler but I, for one, am just not ready to have Summer be over.

I would really enjoy one more weekend of camping, preferably with one or more of our three children and their families. Belle & Camper
Even though I am not one to eat chocolate, I am all for a great campfire and helping make S’mores for the rest of my family to consume. Riding our bikes or just walking around the campground.

I don’t want to put away our camper until next summer. To me it represents a time to slow down and enjoy time away from the business of everyday life. I also enjoy the view of the night sky away from any street lights. A great reminder of our Creator, the master designer/artist.

One thing I do NOT take time away from is spending time with God. Reading His Word and talking to Him are a very important part of each day.

Summer is coming to an end and we will soon be experiencing those cold days of winter. Spending time with God is ongoing through all seasons!

By Deb Bonsall
Midwest Conference Women Ministries Board President


Current President of Midwest Conference Women Ministries Board Top things that take up my time: God, family, students and friends. A great day for me is time to play my guitar and learn a new song. I have a number of favorite artists - depends on my day and my mood.

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December 08, 2015