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February Newsletter

Upcoming Events

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Annual Gathering
April 24 – 25, 2015

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Laurie Oswald Robinson,
Guest Speaker

First Covenant
Salina, KS
Triennial XV 
July 29 – 31, 2016
Kansas City, MO
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Thoughts of the Young in Faith  

From the desk of Reba Becker
Southern Area Coordinator

How often do we step out with intentionality and commitment to other women, especially those younger women that we wonder why we cannot connect with?  We wonder what keeps them from joining in on the events that our Women Ministries puts on.  Why don’t they come?  What are we lacking?  Aren’t we being flashy enough?  Aren’t we being creative, cutesy or crafty enough?  We try to use all the latest Pintrest or Etsy ideas to lure them in…

Perhaps that is the problem.  We try to offer them everything that the world is already offering them instead of offering them the same thing that God has offered us.  They are hungry for more of God.  They want to connect with Him on a deeper spiritual level.  We ALL want to connect with Him on a deeper level.  We are all, until we find it, searching, searching, ever searching trying to fill that void that comes from not having Christ in our lives; that place from whence we came and to whence we shall return, if we truly know Him.  He intentionally puts that void in us so that we will search Him out, as He calls us to Him; deep calls to deep.  It is not an easy task, this walk of faith that we are all on.  It can be a very lonely walk at times.

Do you remember all of the questions you had when you first started your faith walk?  I do, I had a bushel basket full of them!  Circumstances, my own selfishness and just plain not having the women there, available to me, to answer those questions kept me from catapulting forward in my faith journey.  That saddens me at times when I think of it now.  We all need Jesus.  We need the wisdom that comes from those experienced in the walk of faith.  We long to hear the stories of answered prayers and miraculous events.  We long for deep spirituality and the community that comes from listening, and being listened to.  I want to be available and intentional for any woman who would have those same questions that I had.

Perhaps mentoring groups would be a way to start connecting with those younger women.  I would not know where to begin, I don’t know enough to do that, you might say.  There is training for that too and yes, even books.  If you have known Christ for a while, you know enough to be a mentor.  Think of the difference you could be making by investing in another woman.  Think of the ripple effect that could be made by it.  Investing is something that Christ talks about in Luke 19 in the parable of the 10 servants.  Profiting from what Christ has given you by investing in others.  What a wonderful way to watch your investments grow…    

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