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Thoughts from Deb Bonsall

 Easter. Have you looked Easter up on the web? You’ll find bunnies, baby chicks, eggs,candy – jelly beans & especially  chocolate, family dinner, time off school or work. This are the things so many in our world today will connect with Easter. Some might attend a church service. The most attended Sunday in our nation is Easter, followed by Christmas and third – Mother’s Day.

If you were asked to explain Easter to someone who has never heard of it, what would you tell them?

Easter is more than Sunday, the day Jesus presented his risen earthly body to first the women at the tomb and then his disciples.

Easter begins on Thursday – Maundy Thursday. A time to remember when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and then served them what we call “The Lord’s Supper”. Jesus gave his disciples unleavened bread (part of the Passover meal) and wine. We find in Matthew, Mark & Luke the verses of this time. He also told them to “do this in memory of me.”.

Then the time we don’t like to think of. The arrest of Jesus through the betrayal of Judas, brought before the Jewish leaders (Sanhedrin) then Pilate. The questions, accusations and then the terrible beating. The Crown of thorns, plucking out of his beard and placing a robe on his back full of open cuts and welts. The long walk to Calvary carrying the instrument of his earthly death. The long nails, the Roman’s taunting and the words of the thieves crucified with him. Darkness falls and the earth quakes after the last words of Jesus. In Matthew and Mark you read “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Luke records the words, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit.” and in John 19 we find the words “It is finished”.

After all of this, we arrive at the part of the Easter story we all like to remember and celebrate. The Sunday morning when the women who were devoted followers of Jesus, went to the tomb. Some say to finish preparing his body with spices others say to grieve. They are greeted by and angel and then see Jesus himself. He tells them “go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee, there they will see me.”

As you celebrate Easter recall the full story – Thursday through Sunday. Praise God for giving His only Son to pay the price of sin, death. Celebrate the great love of God.


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