A Note from Meagan GillanMeagn Gillan

  “Triennial Better than Ever!”
Triennial XV is going to be beyond wonderful because of the powerful presence of Almighty God and his women—who would want to miss that? Marti and the team have worked so hard to bring more exciting features than ever before; a fantastic team has put together extraordinary excursions, learning experiences, justice encounters and a beautiful marketplace; we’ll celebrate the 100th anniversary of the amazing work of the women of the Covenant; and we’ll learn and grow together in a way that will strengthen the church forevermore. The keynote speakers are godly, energized women who will bring us to new places of growth and discipleship. Who’d want to miss that?

There is still plenty of time and opportunity to register for Triennial XV in Kansas City next month. Come and join the beauty and fun!


Current President of Midwest Conference Women Ministries Board Top things that take up my time: God, family, students and friends. A great day for me is time to play my guitar and learn a new song. I have a number of favorite artists - depends on my day and my mood.

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