Looking for ways to connect women through service to others?

There are many opportunities to serve, to find out more ideas from local churches visit
our community page where you can sew and reap new ways to serve.
On this page we are choosing to highlight ways that you can serve that are connected
to the efforts of our conference.

Project 2019

The mission of Women Ministries of the Covenant is to advance God’s kingdom through women. The good work carries on, right into 2019 as we continue to advance God’s work through varies initiatives.
A few examples: Lycée Vanette,  AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse) and Mending the Soul, encouraging women missionaries through emails and letters, Days for Girls Kits (feminine hygiene) and Fall Retreats for women.

In 2019, you can partner with Women Ministries in our conference in a powerful way – because you have the power! You have the power to impact women — at home or around the world; in areas of advocacy or leadership training; with hands-on and fundraising efforts. You are empowered to choose the initiative that means most to you in your unique setting. We encourage you to support the effort of your choice, prayerfully, financially, and by raising awareness and taking action.

Lycee Vanette  School for Girls in Congo

The Educate the Girls Project (2006-2007) raised funds to create a school for the education and empowerment of girls in collaboration with the Covenant Church in Congo (CEUM). A building was erected in Karawa, Congo but was left unfinished. It was named Lycée Vanette for Vanette Thorsell, a beloved teacher who served there for many years. The first class of seventeen girls started in the fall of 2012, ages ranging from 12-25. With limited school supplies and much of the building still unfinished, God has called us to finish what we started. Women Ministries and other generous Covenanters are raising funds for supplies, school fees and more so that Congolese women and girls can be educated and empowered to make meaningful contributions to their communities, families, and churches.


Advocacy for Victims of Abuse (AVA) promotes safety and healing for victims of abuse and help bring an end to violence against women, men and children in our Midwest Conference and Denomination. AVA, a ministry of the Department of Women Ministries, is devoted to making Covenant churches safe sanctuaries and healing communities. This is accomplished by:

– Providing resources for victims of abuse, and those who minister to them,

– Equipping the church to minister to victims of abuse, and

– Promoting preventative measures against abuse.

Mending the Soul    has materials we are using and suggest you use which will assist you to bring specific training to walk with a survivor through healing.

Of course funding AVA is a great way to serve but bringing AVA to your church and/or women ministry is an even greater opportunity.

On going project:  Global Guest

Every three years our conference sponsors an global guest and a woman missionary who travel around our 6-state area to meet with you prior to attending Triennial or in some cases after attending Triennial. We strive to continually raise funds towards the costs.

Many have blessed  each Triennial by our Global Guests.
Ada Ortega of Colombia and missionary Katie Isaza were our guests this past Triennial I AM in Minneapolis, MN.

Sabuli Sanguma of DR Congo was our guest traveling around our Midwest Conference prior to Triennial XV with Marta Klein, missionary to DR Congo.

These beautiful women  joined many other global women sponsored by churches in other conferences at Triennials.

WM Recognition Award – for the women who serve with you

We get so busy serving other women in our community and world that we forget to serve the women who work alongside of us.  Every effective Women Ministries is successful because of a team.  Take the time to acknowledge the heart and soul of your ministry by honoring a woman who has faithfully served in your church body.  Women Ministries Sunday (in February) is a great time to recognize women in your church who particularly exemplify faithful service to Christ through the church fellowship. Contact us to request recognition awards (silver logo pin and card) which are available to present to the deserving women in your congregation.

We always value your support through prayer.  Click here to view or print a monthly prayer calendar that covers our opportunities to serve and the women who serve.